Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant

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There are now three ways for you to enjoy our food and drinks. Read on:

1. NEW: Dine In at the Franklin Inn! Due to social distancing, tables are limited, and we are asking you make a reservation. Make a reservation now. According to the new orders, you must wear a mask until food or drink are in front of you. You must put your mask back on when food and drink are cleared from your table. Thank you for helping us to remain open.

2. Carry Out Hours: Monday - Saturday (4pm to 9pm). Pick up and enjoy Franklin Inn at home.

Order Online:
Order by Phone: 412-366-4140

If using our car side service, please put your flashers on when we text you that your order is ready so we can find you. Park nearest our patio when possible. It's dark earlier and hard to see you sometimes. If we text you but don't come out right away, we may have gotten held up helping another customer. Thank you for your patience and for keeping our staff safe.

Did you know, you can order over the phone and then pay via your Heartland App to receive car side delivery? Simply use the same phone number to order as you used to set up your Heartland Guest App. After ordering, your bill will show up in your app. Make sure to include your car model/color so we can bring your order out to you.

Download the Heartland Guest App for easy online ordering and to track your loyalty points. Your mobile phone number is your membership number when ordering. You can even order by phone and then scan your receipt to pay your bill thru the app. Use the same number each time to earn points faster. We can't combine points from different phone numbers. Apple - Google